Child Talent DNA Test

Understanding Your Child With Science

Interpret more than 50 single nucleotide polymorphisms and use DNA science to find out about your children’s talents and health characteristics.

The talent DNA test can analyse children’s DNA for different talents, help parents to discover expertise relevant to their child, and formulate appropriate learning plans based on test results so you can target your child’s natural gifts. Recognising individual talents can help parents better understand their child and ensure they live healthy, happy lives, not to mention enjoying a happy childhood!

Includes social skills, language abilities, reading skills, stress handling, musical talents, memory powers, cognitive abilities, physical strength, physical endurance, attention, anxiety handling, optimistic mindset, myopia risk, lactose intolerance, IQ benefits from breast milk, and obesity risk.

Research shows that gifted children often need a lot of support from family members and teachers to develop their talents and realize their natural potential.

The talent DNA test helps parents to discover 16 different talents in their child, including abilities in music, language, reading, sports, memory and cognitive abilities, all of which helpparents to discover new strengths in their children.

This test requires only an oral swab and the results are generally available within 14 business days.